What makes us different?

My name is  Christopher R. Barbrack. I am family lawyer.  My job is to help you get to the other side of the law involved in looming divorce. Right now you will find it almost impossible to get beyond your current thoughts and emotion. Perhaps you were surprised or hurt or just generally devastated in every respect. If you work with me, I will ask you to do some things that you may find very difficult and to trust that these will help in the long run. In addition to thinking about how to get by from day to day, I will ask you to be mindful of the legacy you are creating. The way your divorce unfolds can affect your life for decades to come. After all of your current wounds are healed, your legacy will be there as a reminder of how you managed this crisis in your life.

My mental health background affects how I practice. My background as a clinical psychologist suffuses my practice as a lawyer, particularly in collaborative divorce.

Psychological concepts are helpful in collaborative divorce: not for treatment, but for problem solving. The problem identification/definition and solution generation that occur in collaborative law require a degree of emotional maturity and intellect, and a readiness to engage in the process. I believe that a full appreciation of hurt, anger and forgiveness is important for the collaborative lawyer.

Dual Focus: Present & Future, not Past. As a collaborative attorney, I will help you to focus on your present situation without losing sight of your future life, your legacy. At this point there is no room for issues that emanate from the past. That is over. It is time to move on.

Good & Efficient. The day after your divorce will come. It is not too soon to think about how you want to end up and how to get there.

Collaborative law is different from traditional divorce/matrimonial law in two very important ways:

1) The lawyers pledge to never resort to the court as a means of resolving conflict and

2) The centerpiece of the process is the four-way meeting where the husband and wife and their respective attorneys meet in the same room, face to face where they begin to problem solve together.

Active Participation & Autonomy. You can see right away that collaborative divorce puts the husband and wife in the center of the process and gives them the space and support needed to tailor-make solutions to their separation and divorce. Who is more motivated to stem the terrible losses of love and time and resources?

It’s a disservice for lawyers to fan the flames of discord. These days in traditional divorce proceedings it is very easy for the lawyers to fan the flames of conflict between divorcing couples who are isolated from the divorce process and communicate only through their attorneys.

In collaborative law, we are always mindful that one day the divorce will be over and our clients will begin a new chapter of their lives. We are dedicated to helping them reach this day with the self-respect, dignity and confidence that comes from active participation in determining their own future. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, contact us online or via phone at 609-497-1111.

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