Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce offers many advantages to a couple working through a divorce. Collaborative divorces often take less time than a divorce obtained by traditional approaches, especially for those couples who prefer controlling the tempo of the process and who want to be actively engaged in working out the various solutions that they themselves decide on.

Collaborative divorce helps spouses reduce the negative emotions that can crop up during a divorce. A major reason for this is the FOUR WAY MEETING. This means that much of what happens in the divorce process occurs in face to face meetings with both spouses and both lawyers present. Issues are identified and discussed and spouses play major roles. This is in sharp contrast to lawyers lobbing provocative letters and e-mails to one another.

It makes sense that couples who collaborate are generally more satisfied with the outcome than those who litigate issues in court, primarily because they feel like they were more directly involved in bringing about the outcome. The collaboration can help couples with both immediate and long-term concerns. They help focus couples on present issues, rather than dwelling on past grievances that can interfere with expeditiously reaching agreement. Another benefit to Collaborative Divorce is that virtually all parts of the process are completely private, unlike litigated cases that are fought out in a public courtroom.

Collaborative Divorce begins  with an orientation to the approach. Next, the husband and wife  will gather information and provide it to their lawyers. This primarily includes financial information such as assets owned, debts, bank accounts, automobiles, etc. Then, the issues that need to be resolved will be determined, such as division of property and debts, and child custody and support.

The couple will then begin to identify issues and concerns. The couple will make decisions about the type of arrangements they want in a step by step, cooperative  manner. Collaborative Divorce will help the couple explore various options available.  This approach aims at helping to ensure that the needs of the children, as well as the spouses, are met.. Once all issues are resolved, the attorneys will draft the agreement  and the parties will sign it.

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